Students should be provided access to the school clinic if a situation arises where medical assistance is requested.  The clinic hours are from 8:20am-3:45pm.  The school nurse takes her lunch from 11:45-12:15pm.  If an incident occurs between 11:45am-12:15pm, students should be sent to the main office for evaluation.  Although the school nurse is at lunch, she is still on-call for emergency situations.
Administration of Medication 
For the safety of all students at our school, these guidelines should be followed:
Administration of prescription and over-the-counter medicine (even for a short period of time) is discouraged.
Parents should check with their physician regarding the need for medications to be administered during school
hours. Medications prescribed for three times daily often can be given before school, after school, and at
bedtime. If you have any questions about this procedure, please call the school clinic.
All medications, both prescription and over-the-counter, must be accompanied by this form
and brought to the school clinic by an adult.
All medications must be in the ORIGINAL CHILD PROOF CONTAINER. Prescription medications must be
in the labeled prescription bottle. Medications stored in envelopes, baggies, etc., will not be administered.
Medications must be picked up at the end of the year, or the school will dispose of them.


We need the following donations for our clinic:

- 3oz cups
- Bandaids
- Cotton balls
- Ziploc Bags
- Tissues

Thank you for your support!!
Tammy Jones
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