Technology Policy

GCPS Acceptable Use of Electronic Media by Students

Simonton technology rules:

The Board recognizes that electronic media, including the Internet, provides access to a wide variety of instructional resources in an effort to enhance educational opportunities. Use of electronic resources must be in support of, and consistent with the vision, mission and goals established by the Board and for the purpose of AKS instructional support. All users of the district wide area network and/or other electronic informational services must maintain strict compliance with all applicable ethical and legal rules and regulations regarding access.
  • We use computers to help us learn.

Strict compliance with all applicable ethical and legal rules and regulations must be maintained by all users of the wide area network and/or other electronic informational services including electronic mail (e-mail). Users must respect intellectual property rights and understand that school system data accessible over the network constitutes property. All electronic, telephonic, and communications transmitted by, received from, or stored in these systems are property of the Gwinnett County Public Schools. Users of such systems should have no expectation of privacy. Student e-mail use for legitimate educational purposes will be subject to monitoring and review, including review of text and attachments that are related to that student or students. At NO TIME should a student consider GCPS e-mail private or confidential in any way.
  • We respect the ideas and work of others.
  • We use school computers for school work and teachers can check it any time.
It is important to note that with a global network it is impossible to control or predict all materials a user may accidentally or purposefully discover on an electronic resource. Gwinnett County Public School personnel will make every effort to educate and guide all users in the proper use of electronic media, including the Internet. Because access to the Internet provides connections to other computer systems located all over the world, users (and parents of users) must understand that neither the Gwinnett County Public Schools or any district staff member controls the content of the information available on these other systems. Some of the information available is controversial and sometimes may be offensive. The Gwinnett County Public Schools DOES NOT CONDONE the use of such materials. Therefore, it is imperative that the user be held accountable for the appropriate utilization of this technology.
  • We only use the internet when directed by a teacher.
    We do not use any web site without permission.

ACCESS IS A PRIVILEGE - NOT A RIGHT! Inappropriate use will result in a cancellation of these privileges as well as possible assignment of disciplinary action consistent with the policies and procedures of Gwinnett County Public Schools.

Local schools may establish additional regulatory guidelines for use of electronic resources that include, but are not limited to, guidelines established by this systemwide procedure.

  • We lose the use of technology equipment if we do not follow directions.

Building administrators shall establish a process for informing students and staff about the district and local school Acceptable Use Procedures.

The definition of GCPS information and data resources will include any computer, server or network, or access provided or supported by GCPS, including the Internet. Use of the computer facilities includes the use of data/programs stored on GCPS computing systems, data/programs stored on magnetic tape, floppy disk, CD-ROM's, DVD-ROM's computer peripherals, or other storage media, that is owned and maintained by the GCPS. The "user" of the system is the student using GCPS technology. The purpose of these guidelines is to ensure that all GCPS technology users share the GCPS technology resources in an effective, efficient, ethical and lawful manner.

GCPS technology should be used for legitimate educational reasons only, and not for personal use. Access is a privilege, not a right, and all students are expected to treat this learning tool with respect.

  • We share our computers and other equipment and take good care of all equipment at our school.

GCPS technology and electronic resources must not be used to:
Harm other people.
Interfere with other people's work.
Use a computer to steal property.
Gain unauthorized access to other people's files or programs.
Gain unauthorized access to on-line resources by using someone else's password.
Make changes to the hardware or software configuration of any machine, including installing or deleting any software.
Improperly using the network, including introducing software viruses and/or bypassing local school or office security policies.
Steal or damage data and/or computers and network equipment.
Access, upload, download, and distribute pornographic, hate-oriented, profane, obscene, or sexually explicit material.

Failure to follow these guidelines can violate the Official Code of Georgia, OCGA, Codes 16-9-90, 16-9-91, 16-9-92, and 16-9-93, as well as United States Public Law 106-554, known as the Children's Internet Protection Act. Such actions can also lead to disciplinary actions, up to and including loss of access to GCPS technology resources and further disciplinary actions as defined by existing GCPS policies.

Finally, please note that GCPS technology use is subject to auditing for legitimate purposes, as well as live monitoring where appropriate.

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  • We do not hurt anyone or interfere with anyone's work while we use computers.

Our #1 technology rule at Simonton is:

Follow teacher directions!

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